Be the next success story. Past students have raised their LSAT scores by as many as 34 points, and graduated from Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Penn, and other top law schools.


I am at Harvard Law School because of Laura. She made my score go up by ten points, and I could not recommend her highly enough. Her approach directly tackles the test and was extraordinarily better than the Testmasters class I took. She is patient, and moreover, qualified. GO TO LAURA. You will NOT regret it.
— Elizabeth D
Laura has been with me from the beginning of my LSAT journey – literally from the first question i’ve ever looked at, and she has transformed the way I know and deal with the test. Her strategies are super straightforward and she makes the test seem so easy. She made me feel confident and by the end I really knew my stuff. I could rely on her to target my weaknesses and really dive into them until I felt comfortable. She won’t baby you, she is tough and makes you work for your results. While I was taking the test I had her voice in my head the whole time working through the strategies we talked about. I definitely recommend sticking with Laura and for sure not doing those Kaplan or large programs. I couldn’t have made it this far without her.
— Grace H
Laura is the best private tutor in NYC. I started out with all the overly expensive mainstream programs and it got me nowhere! After doing poorly on the October exam, I found Laura and she completely saved me in time for the December exam. I would not be where I am now without her help.

I especially recommend her for anyone having trouble, or looking to increase their logic game score. She provides you with a smarter and more efficient way of thinking about the games – in a way that mainstream programs just don’t.

Anyone looking for a boost in their overall score better go to Laura. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t!
— Jacky B
I haven’t had many tutors before so I can’t say for certain, but Laura is probably the reason I am where I am right now. Under her tutelage, I went from the low 150s and improved ~20 pts. I am currently a 1L at NYU Law w/ scholarship. I’m not going to go as far as to say that I will name my first-born after her. But I am glad she was my tutor!
— Jack L
Laura is the best tutor you can possibly have. She will spot your strengths and weaknesses right away (some you were not even aware of), and will help you improve beyond what you thought possible, faster than you expected. She makes the material seem easy, is very supportive, has an amazing personality, and cares about her students. I tried a few other tutors, and I am convinced she is the best tutor in NYC. I highly recommend you spare your time, and try her first. You will look no further, and you will get into a great school.
— Meda D
Laura knows her stuff. Her approach to the LSAT is simple and straightforward – after just a few tutoring sessions, she can make the LSAT seem easy for anyone. She is extremely patient, engaging and an overall wonderful LSAT tutor. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
— Katie S